A HEARTBROKEN family whose puppy was stolen in a burglary and then found dead tied to a gatepost are appealing for help in identifying a car they think may be linked to the crime.

Gemma Knowles is leading a passionate appeal for people to try to give clues to find the culprits who returned and left Wilma to die outside their property on Cranberry Lane three weeks ago.

Her partner Andrew Bolland has obtained CCTV footage which shows a black Ford Kuga on their road at 2.10pm. The car then races back down the road at 2.20pm on March 19.

Lancashire Telegraph:

It was quickly followed by the family’s Mercedes 4x4 ML which was stolen during the burglary along with the bulldog puppy.

Andrew said: “They must have been in our house for six or seven minutes and the amount of people who have been talking to us about how sad it is about our dog is amazing.

“We are going to find out who they are and people have been talking about people who have had a similar things happen with break-ins.

“It shows one car going up our road and six or seven minutes later it comes speeding back down the road with our car following it. We have given the footage to the police.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Gemma added: “We will not stop until we find out who did this to our dog.

“This sort of thing will happen again if they are not caught."

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She added: “We are looking to put out a cash reward now as somebody must have seen the cars.

“We want someone to do the right thing and try to help us catch them. One of our neighbours also had footage of what they thought was a white car going fast up our road at 2am on March 21 and we think that is them returning Wilma.

“But she would have been tied up for so long outside our house and we would not have seen her until the next morning.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The 31-year-old added: “I am finding it hard to be in the house on my own during the day and I am always looking out of the window and am up and down at night.

“I am really frightened but with the £394 that has been raised by friends on a Gofundme page we are putting cameras up.

“It will give us all a bit more reassurance I wanted to move out after what happened.”

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A police spokesman confirmed no arrests have been made and police are still investigating the crime. Anyone with information should contact 101 quoting the log number 814 of March 19.

You can also email andrew_bolland@yahoo.com