A FAST-EXPANDING mattress recycling company is causing sleepless early mornings, claim residents of the street leading to its factory.

Householders living in Bonsall Street near The Furniture Recycling Group’s Victoria Works in Mill Hill, Blackburn, claim that constant heavy lorry traffic from 6am to 5pm is making their lives ‘intolerable’.

Spokesman Simon Gregson reckons 25 heavy good vehicles and 25 vans rumble up the narrow road of terraced houses every weekday from dawn.

The company’s managing director Nick Oettinger says no more than 10 a day use Bonsall Street and that a new-design of lorry trailer will reduce the number even further.

Mill Hill councillor Damian Talbot pledged to work with residents, the firm and the Environment Agency to try to resolve the problem.

The company, which moved in during 2016 and recycles mattresses to keep them out of landfill, has seen a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in trade.

Self-employed building Mr Gregson, 33, said: “There are HGVs rumbling up and down the street every few minutes. The noise is intolerable.

“I reckon there must be 25 a day from 6am until 5pm. Its also dangerous as its a narrow street of terraced houses.

“It’s getting worse. We’re all fed up with it. Often you can’t get in the street for lorries.

“I and other resident often work nights. We can’t sleep when we get home because of the lorries.

“We have contacted the firm, the council, the Environment Agency and Cllr Talbot but it goes on.”

Mr Oettinger said: “We operate a strict schedule to account for neighbouring residents. Eight to 10 vehicles arrive on site between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. We are carrying out works to allow more space for vehicles onsite.

“We’re creating a revolutionary system that will allow a standard 40ft trailer, that ordinarily carries 90 mattresses, to carry 600. This will mean a significant reduction in the number of vehicles. I would welcome a further chat with Mr Gregson to discuss his concerns.”

Cllr Talbot said: “I am aware of this. I will work with residents the company and Environment Agency to resolve it.”