A woman who runs a business that supports those suffering from anxiety is offering workshops for young people to help them deal with upcoming exam stress.

Kay Johnston from Karma Minds will be holding Exam Stress Solution Workshops at three venues throughout the Easter Holidays.

Mrs Johnston, from Oswaldtwistle, said the sessions will aim to improve mental well being, increase emotional intelligence and educate students on how they can enhance their confidence and resilience.

She said: "Young people are suffering with mental health issues due to the pressure of revising and taking exams.

"As a parent myself I understand what young people go through and think it’s sad that more isn’t being done to give young people the emotional tools to be able to cope and succeed."

Mrs Johnston said that according to Childline, young people contacting the charity said the prospect of taking exams was having an adverse effect on their mental health, with some saying it was leading to them self-harming, feeling depressed or experiencing anxiety.

She added: "We recognise the impact that mental health has on young people and we don’t want this to happen to any young person let alone one in our local area.

"Which is why we're holding these workshops to teach students about how their minds work, and how to be their best self."

During the workshops, students will learn stress-busting skills which will support them throughout the exam season.

But Mrs Johnston said these skills will also stand students in good stead for dealing with life experiences and challenges in their futures.

She said: "Our aim is to teach students about the conscious and subconscious mind giving them the information they need to be in the best mindset to study and achieve.

"We'll also offer a support group that students can attend in the weeks leading up to exams and afterwards, where they can share their stories with other students and have the benefit of a counsellor and relaxation support strategies."

The workshops will start on Monday April 8 and will be held at Whalley Old Grammar School, Trinity Community Hall, Brownhill, and Hippings Vale, Oswaldtwistle.

For more information about times, contact Mrs Johnston on 07512 477046 or email karmamindsinfo@gmail.com.

Bookings for the workshops can be made at karma-minds.co.uk.