THERESA May's Brexit deal was defeated again this afternoon with East Lancashire's MP s split along party lines.

Government minister Jake Berry (Rossendale and Darwen) and Ribble Valley Tory backbencher Nigel Evans joined Conservative Whip Andrew Stephenson in backing the Prime Minister.

Blackburn MP Kate Hollern and her Labour colleagues for Hyndburn and Burnley all voted against the motion approving her deal which was defeated by 344 to 286.

Mrs May said the vote would have 'grave' implications and the legal default was that the UK would leave on April 12, possibly without a withdrawal deal.

Mr Evans said: “I did this through gritted teeth because I fear we will be trapped in the Europan Union against the wishes of our constituents in Lancashire and the UK."

Mr Jones said: “I voted for Britain and against this rotten deal with breaks up the UK."

Mrs Hollern said: "I am hoping on Monday we can come to a sensible agreement that will deliver for this country."

Mr Stephenson, a teller for the 'Ayes', said: “I supported the PM’s withdrawal agreement as I respect the referendum and want to deliver Brexit.

“It is deeply regrettable that Labour and LibDem MPs continue to do everything they can to block Brexit and prolong the uncertainty.”

Mrs Hollern said: “This was a desperate attempt to force through a Brexit plan that has failed and been rejected.

“The Prime Minister really needs to reach out and find a consensus.

“She has neither the support of those who wish to leave not those who voted to remain.”

Mr Berry said: “I support the Prime Minister’s deal.”

Mr Jones said: “"Constituents have asked me from all sides to vote against this Prime Ministers bad deal.

“My own view is that it is anti-British. It gives Northern Ireland a separate status within the EU. Scottish grievances will follow with an independence referendum for Scotland.

“Our Union is worth fighting for. I am appalled that the Tories have put their blind Tory Brexit before the interests of our country.

“The Prime Minister must now deliver a Brexit with majority support to ensure Brexit goes through smoothly and that the Union comes first, not the Tory Party.”