A family have been left unable to get into their home after a car smashed into their house causing the front door to cave in.

Amanda Beckles, who lives in Burton Gardens, Brierfield, with her husband and four children, was out with her family on Saturday March 16 when she received a phone call from one of her neighbours.

Mrs Beckles said: "One of my neighbours phoned me to tell me to come back home because a car had crashed into the front of the house.

"Apparently it had been parked at the top of the street and had just rolled back and smashed into the wall. They think the handbrake had been left off.

"The driver just got back in the car drove off. We reported it to the police who've passed it on to the housing association but so far nothing has been done."

The worried mum-of-four said that a couple of the neighbours had CCTV which the police had taken, but more than a week after the crash they're no closer to finding out who the driver of the car was or when the damage will be fixed.

Mrs Beckles, who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis, which affects her mobility, said: "We can't get in the front door at the moment because it's moved so much so we are having to go via a neighbours garden round the back which has massively inconvenienced us.

"The front wall next to the door has been badly damaged and pushed through into the front room and we're now worried about the structure.

"We've not really slept properly since it happened and my nine-year-old keeps thinking the house is going to fall down."

Mrs Beckles said housing association, Great Places, had been out to assess the damage and were going to try and fix it, but it means the family may have to move out of the property while this happens.

She said: "Everything is going through the insurance now and they're trying to find somewhere for us to stay but we've no idea how long it could take.

"We were just lucky there was no-one in the house or playing on the street when it happened as this could've been a lot worse."

A spokesperson for the police said: "There are suggestions that the car rolled down the street and hit the house. We have liaised with the housing association on this but from our perspective this is now an issue for the home owners and insurance companies."

Director of Neighbourhoods at Great Places Housing, Simon Robinson, said: "As a responsible social landlord, we immediately checked on the welfare of our customers, offered our support and have arranged to repair any damage as soon as possible."