A MAN who trashed a Mini Cooper because of a row with the owner had picked the wrong car.

Blackburn magistrates heard Andrew Tait used a brick to cause £4,596 of damage to a car which belonged to a woman he had never met before.

A car of the same make and colour, which he had intended to damage, was on the same car park.

And the owner of that Mini was moving his car when he saw the damaged vehicle and reported the incident.

Tait, 21, of Keele Walk, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage. He was bailed and was due to be sentenced today.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Stephen Folds, a project manager at the Boulevard Centre, which assists young people, had spoken with Tait that same day.

“The meeting ended with the defendant muttering he had better not bump into him in the street,” said Miss Allan.

Later, Mr Folds went to move his car from the Vue Cinema car park and saw the other Mini had been smashed up.

“Tait was caught on CCTV and later admitted he had trashed the car because he thought it belonged to Mr Folds,” said Miss Allan.

“All parts of the car, windows, door and body panels and wing mirrors had been damaged and there was a brick on the floor. There was significant damage and significant inconvenience for the owner.”

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Tait had difficulties with the drug spice which led to him having difficulty controlling his temper.

He had been receiving help and assistance at the drop-in centre and accepted it was an “extremely foolish” thing to do, he added.

“He was upset when the manager, Mr Folds, told him he was no longer welcome because of his use of spice,” said Mr Taylor.

“He was unhappy at that and vented his frustration on the car he thought belonged to Mr Folds.