A COUNCILLOR has hit out at highways chiefs for ‘bad planning’ by not fixing a broken road sign - yet repairing others 100 yards away.

Cllr Glen Harrison, who represents St Oswald’s ward on Lancashire County Council, reported a ‘Humps 100 yards’ sign on Kent Drive, Knuzden, had a damaged base three months ago but is still waiting for it to be repaired.

He said: “As a councillor when people report issues to you they expect you to be able to get them sorted. I spoke to Lancashire County Council in December about this damaged sign.

“We are still waiting for something to happen even though highways have been to the area and installed new signs at the entrance to Windsor Road.

“I would think it sensible to have done all the signs required for repair, instead Lancashire County Council in their wisdom have left the sign on Kent Drive.

“When asking LCC for timeframes the request is repeatedly ignored.

“Their generic response is that they have informed the officer responsible.

"It is frustrating as all of the while the residents I support will think that this is due to my inaction.

“I would say it seems bad planning to have officers deployed to do signs when this sign on Kent Drive was called in some time before Windsor Road.

“I’d wonder who decides on the jobs roster?

"If it was any other business surely there is a register of jobs based on area, but they consider sending paid officers to replace some signs but not all signs.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We made an initial visit to check on this sign and were satisfied that, while the column was damaged, it was not causing a risk.

“We sorry for the delay in replacing the column, and plan to carry out this work at the weekend, along with a number of other jobs in the local area.”