A FATHER whose ‘talented artist’ son was stabbed to death at a house party has warned teenagers of the dangers of carrying blades.

Today Dylan Mark Slater, 26, was jailed for eight years and three months after admitting to the manslaughter of 29-year-old Tarro “Taz” Grogan.

And Mr Grogan’s father, Lloyd, has spoken out to highlight the dangers carrying a knife poses, to both ruin lives and end them.

Mr Grogan, 51, who lives in Little Harwood, where Taz was brought up, said: “You don’t think you are going to use a knife when you take it out with you. I don’t think everyone does anyway. But it only takes a second to use one and ruin so many lives.

“Nobody should lose their life at the age my Taz was. We were just planning a surprise 30th birthday for him. I’m sure this Dylan feels like he is being punished for what he has done. But we’re all suffering, including his family. Nobody wins in these circumstances. Everyone loses. People need to question whether carrying a knife is worth it, given what can happen in a split second.”

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A talented sportsman, 29-year-old Taz was a former British light heavyweight mixed martial arts champion. The former Witton Park High School, Blackburn, pupil was studying sports coaching at Blackburn University Centre before his untimely death.

Describing his son as a devoted father-of-two Mr Grogan said: “I would like to point out that Taz was not just a cage fighter. He did have an artistic side to him. He was a talented artist. There’s a portrait of his younger brother, Freddie, which he drew hanging on my wall. It’s really good. If any of his friend’s dads died he would do a portrait of them. I go round to friends' houses and they are still hanging on the wall.

“Taz was the life and soul of any party. He was a bubbly person. He was the class clown of the family. He loved making people laugh. You couldn’t take him out without him taking some girl’s coat, putting it on and doing a silly dance. It was cringeworthy at times. You would think ‘what is he going to do now?’ He had a big love of animals. He used to be forever rescuing and looking after dogs.

“His kids were his true love. It was unconditional. He didn’t get enough time with them. He had unwavering loyalty to his family and friends. If someone was in trouble he would run to help them. He wouldn’t stand by if somebody was being bullied. He was actually the smallest kid in his class. That is why he didn’t like bullies. If someone needed money he would give it to them. He would do anything for you, but the washing up!

“The only good thing about social media at times like these are the videos and pictures which are on there which will be a permanent reminder of Taz.”

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He continued: “Taz has been portrayed as the big macho lad but he had the kindest heart. He doted on all the kids in the family.

They all looked up to him. Freddie thought he was a superhero who could lift anything and run up mountains with packs on his back. He was a role model to the

younger ones in the family.

“Once a year the entire family gets together for a barbecue. It is the event of the year for the family. Nobody can bring themselves to do it this year. One of the funniest things was watching Taz go round asking people if they were finished and then eating whatever meat was left on their plate. It wouldn’t feel right without him there.”

Following Taz’s death thousands of pounds was raised to put in a fund to give to young his daughter’s, Brooke and Aroura, when they turn 18. Mr Lloyd thanked all those who contributed to that and those who attended his son’s funeral at Blackburn Cathedral, which was standing room only.