A RADIOGRAPHER whose career in the NHS was inspired by treatment he received for epilepsy is set to run a marathon in the heavy protective suit he wears at work.

Adam Wallwork, who has also survived three brain haemorrhages, will run the London Marathon in the 13lb lead suit to raise money for Burnley General Hospital where he works.

He has to wear the lead suit at work every day to protect him against radiation.

Mr Wallwork has applied to the Guinness World Records to check if the feat has ever been attempted before but is yet to hear back.

The 36-year-old, who works as a Diagnostic Radiographer and who will raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Burnley Hospital, said: “The lead suit has been donated by made by a Burnley-based company Rothband.

“They’ve designed and made it specially for me and they provide lead coats for the radiology team.

“I will also have my theatre scrubs on and hat and lead suit.

“It will be tough as it has limited breathability and is heavy at 13lb but I’ve been training in it and I’m confident I can do it.”

Mr Wallwork, from Burnley, was assaulted in 1996.

He sustained a head injury from the assault and developed epilepsy, causing him to have fits during the day and night.

But in 2006, after having brain surgery to treat the epilepsy at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, he was cured.

However, he went on to suffer complications from the surgery and suffered three brain haemorrhages.

But after having further surgery and going through rehabilitation, he decided to use his experience to become a volunteer at Burnley Hospital.

He said: “It was a scary experience what I went through and was a hard time for me because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything again.

“But I managed to get through it and wanted to do something positive from it.

“So I decided to become a volunteer at the hospital and I went to university for three years and got a diagnostic radiography degree.

“I then got a job in the radiology department and I’ve been there for eight years. “

His work sees him regularly aid the NICU department by performing crucial x-rays in order to aid the diagnosis and treatment of newborn babies.

With the cause being so close to his heart, Mr Wallwork now wants to raise money for the unit.

He said: “NICU is an area in which we work and close to my heart.

“You see these babies being born unwell and needing helping and they have no fight.

“And this fantastic unit helps them and I want to give something back.

“Money raised will go towards funding and research and buying state-of-the-art medical equipment to make the unit even better than it is.”

To date, Mr Wallwork has raised £1,387 out of a target of £1,500.

To donate visit his Just Giving page ‘Lead With Lead On - London Marathon’.

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