A CANNABIS set up has been found by police in Blackburn town centre.

Two police vans have arrived on Northgate, close to Hugo's Mexican restaurant, the CEX computer game exchange store and the David Pluck bookmakers.

A police spokesman said officers were called to an unoccupied restaurant in Northgate at 6.30pm yesterday.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A worker at Hugo's said it was not their building police were looking at.

Electricity North West have now arrived at the scene.

One shopper said they believed police may have uncovered a cannibis farm in one of the flats in Northgate - unrelated to any of the shops.

He said there was a strong smell of cannabis in the street.

A spokesman for Hugo's said: "We were asked by police if they could get access to the back of the buildings from our shop but we don't have access.

"We've been told there is damage to the building but that's it.

"We've been told we can carry on trading now."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The police spokesman said: "Officers have discovered a cannabis set up in Northgate in an unoccupied restaurant.

"Enquiries are still ongoing."