A WARNING has been issued about a growing problem of public drug taking on the streets of a borough’s towns.

Waterside Liberal Democrat Cllr Dorothy Lord is calling for action by Pendle Council to deal with increased substance abuse in Colne, Nelson and Brierfield.

She said young people could be seen taking drugs on street corners, open land, woodland areas, play areas and at the back of buildings.

Cllr Lord said users leaving leaving behind syringes, needles and related items was danger to children.

She has tabled a motion to Tuesday’s Pendle Full Council meeting calling for the setting up of a working group to ‘consider, take evidence and produce recommendations for dealing with this problem’.

Her warning is backed by borough Labour group leader Cllr Mohammed Iqbal and Horsfield ward Conservative Cllr Neil Butterworth.

Cllr Lord said: “We know that there are growing problems of often younger people taking drugs on street corners, on pieces of amenity land in woodland areas, on play areas and round the backs of buildings, and leaving behind syringes and other stuff.

“This is often where young children play and it is just not acceptable.

“We also know that there is growing use of cocaine in particular in and around public houses and other places where people go out in the evening. “

Council Labour group leader Cllr Mohammed Iqbal said: “There is a problem which is getting more visible. I have witnessed it in Nelson and Brierfield as well as Colne.”

Horsfield ward Tory councillor Neil Butterworth said “I have been raising this issue with police for months and they have been taking action. I’ve been highlighting hotspots and police have upped patrols in there.”

Pendle’s Inspector Andy Winter said: “We are committed to tackling organised crime groups, the production and supply of drugs, the violence which controls this market and how it impacts on vulnerable people, blights our communities and puts ordinary law-abiding people at risk.”

Cllr Lord’s motion says: “We express strong concern at the continuing and increasing evidence of drug-taking in public places in Pendle.”