A 65-YEAR-OLD post-mistress was coshed by three youths in a post office raid.

The three youths went into the small sub-post office in Higher Eanam and attacked the post-mistress Elsie Fairhurst.

She was taken to Blackburn Infirmary by ambulance and treated for cuts to her head.

It was believed that Mrs Fairhurst was struck on the head with a wrench.

The youths ran off without taking anything from the shop when Arthur Fairhurst pressed the alarm bells.

A squad of detectives and uniformed men from Blackburn CID and No. Two District Task Force led by Detective Chief Inspector Ray Rimmer rushed into the area.

The detectives set about interviewing people in the neighbouring shops to build up a picture of what happened.

Two of those interviewed were assistants in the nearby motor-radio shop who saw the youths run down Shackleton Street.

Christine Greenall, of Fouracre, Mellor, said she saw one of the youths rush past the shop.

The other assistant, Ann Murray, of Whitby Drive, Highercroft, said the youths frightened two young children who were playing in the street.