AN East Lancashire pensioner has finally been confirmed into the Church of England 92 years after she was baptised as a newborn baby.

Helmshore's Dorothy Hopwood completed her journey in the full membership of the Anglican faith lasting more than nine decades with special service performed by The Bishop of Burnley, the Right Reverend Philip North.

He then gave the 92-year-old her first Holy Communion in the community room of the Raven Croft housing accommodation for the elderly before a celebratory lunch.

Although baptised in the Church of England as a baby, as a result of her mother being a devout Methodist Dorothy missed out on her Confirmation Classes and service of full admission to the faith.

Despite this Dorothy, has lived in Helmshore for her whole life, became a parishioner and regular attended of St Thomas’ Church, Musbury.

The Rt Rev North said: “Jesus Christ is for everyone and it is never too late to say yes to his love.

"Very often we confirm children as they make promises of faith. It has been very beautiful therefore to confirm Dorothy at the age of 92.

"It is a sign to everyone that Jesus is offering them fullness of life, and it is never too late to say yes to that offer.”

Father David Stephenson, Vicar of St Thomas's, said: “Dorothy is always a source of fun and always a smiling face.

"She has continued to keep her faith at the centre of her life, although her high regard for the Church and for the Eucharist has meant that she has felt unable to receive Holy Communion, until now of course.

“She is a resident at Raven Croft, a community of mostly elderly folk who live in bungalows and share facilities in their ‘Community Room’.

"I go in once a month to celebrate the Eucharist for residents, but Dorothy has never felt able to come.

“She was thrilled about the Confirmation and wanted the service to be in the Community Room, which is so important to her and her neighbours.

"It was there, then, that after waiting for around 80 years, Dorothy received Communion for the first time from Bishop Philip after her Confirmation.”

“The Confirmation service and Eucharist was followed by lunch and was a great celebration for the whole community.”