ELECTRIC cars are now ferrying designers from a Rossendale bathroom giant around the valley.

Bosses at Stacksteads-based JJO are have invested £55,000 in a pair of Nissan Leaf cars, for their six-strong team.

For some, like Suzy Halcrow, a self-confessed 'petrol head', it has been a slight departure.

Suzy said: "I was a little unsure about the new vehicles at first, but I did like the green element because I think it is important for our future and I think the company is very forward thinking.

“I have an old Range Rover and a Triumph Stag I restored from the ground up over 15 years.

"However, I am stunned by the quality of the cars. They are intuitive and the sat nav is the best I have ever come across - the blind spot warning light is also superb.

"I was impressed with how well they handled in the snow not having a gearbox.

"For me it has been a revelation and now I can see myself having an electric car in the future, but I will still be keeping my Triumph.”

Charging points have been installed at Rossendale Interiors, and the cars have a range of about 200 miles between charges.

Joint Managing Director Stephen Greenhalgh added: “As climate change becomes ever more evident it's up to us all to reduce our carbon footprint.

"“JJO has long been a leader in recycling and minimising waste. When were looking at our green ideas, the idea of using electric vehicles was an obvious next step.

“Our designers travel to people’s homes designing kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom mainly in the local area, almost always within the range of these fantastic cars so they are perfect.

“The designers seem to love them so we’ll be adding further electric vehicles where possible.”