EAST Lancashire's three Tory MPs have urged their Labour counterparts to back Theresa May's Brexit deal to ensure an early departure from the European Union.

Ribble Valley's Nigel Evans, Rossendale and Darwen's Jake Berry and Pendle's Andrew Stephenson all believe the Prime Minister's proposed withdrawal agreement is the only way to honour the 2016 referendum.

But Blackburn MP Kate Hollern and her Labour Parliamentary colleagues for Hyndburn and Burnley, Graham Jones and Julie Cooper, maintain only a total rethink and a delay in leaving can deliver a Brexit that does not harm their constituents.

Mr Evans, who reluctantly backed Mrs May's deal in the second Commons vote last week said: "I don’t like Theresa’s deal but I voted for it as I fear being trapped in the EU. I fear her deal will still fail next week."

He, Mr Berry and Mr Stephenson all voted against rejecting a 'No Deal Brexit' and against delaying Britain's departure date indefinitely, both of which secured a Commons majority.

Mrs Hollern, Mr Jones and Mrs Cooper all voted against Mrs May's deal, for taking 'No Deal' off the negotiating table and for a Brexit delay.

Mr Berry said:”I didn’t support the Prime Minister’s deal because it was a perfect solution but because it was the best way to ensure that we deliver on the vote of people."

Mrs Hollern said; "Mrs May's withdrawal agreement and political declaration are a miserable failure after over two years of negotiations. In these circumstances it is only logical that time needs to be sought to ensure that a better deal, Labour’s deal, can be approved."

Mr Jones said: "MPs should vote for Labour's Brexit which the EU have approved in principle. It’s a much better deal. Parliament needs to take control in order to facilitate Brexit."

Mrs Cooper said: "I think it is time for Theresa May to put her arrogance aside and call together across-party group of senior MPs to come up with a new proposals the House of Commons can support the we can leave the EU as quickly as possible.

“I think Mrs May will bring back her deal, it will be defeated and then she will have to work cross-party."

Mr Stephenson said: “The best way forward is the Prime Minister’s deal being voted through with a short delay of perhaps two or three weeks to get the necessary legislation through Parliament. If not we should leave without a deal.”