On Friday, a small group of people gathered outside Blackburn Town Hall to tackle councillors and politicians on the issue of climate change.

The protest, where a placard with the words 'There's No Planet B' was pinned to the railings, was part of an international event, called Global Climate Strike For Future, which saw children and young people from 40 other countries around the world, taking to the streets to make their voices heard.

Charis Whitehead-St Pierre, who organised the event, said there were strikes happening all across the country but not in Blackburn, so she decided to take action herself.

The Blackburn College student said: "This is a strike from colleges and schools to protest about climate change because we feel that a lot of the people in charge aren't doing enough to try and deal with and limit it.

"If climate change continues it's going to affect everyone, young and old, and I'm scared for the planet.

"We've nowhere else to go, there is no Planet B."

The 20-year-old said that in order to help combat the effects of climate change, people needed to start small, by doing things like recycling, or walking more instead of using cars.

She also advised people to write letters to their local MPs to ask them for help in trying to tackle the bigger environmental issues.

She said: "Lots of councils across the country have declared a climate emergency but Blackburn isn't one of them and we need to change that."

Along with Miss Whitehead-St Pierre, who had been outside the Town Hall since 11am, was her grandmother, Meg Casey.

Mrs Casey said: "I care about my children's and my grandchildren's future, and politicians need to stand up and take notice. Look at what happened with the Civil Rights Movement and Apartheid - it started with a few people and then it grew bigger. If change like that can happen, why can't climate change?"

Miss Whitehead-St Pierre added: "The strikes are supported by the Headteachers Union, and we're going to do this every month and are hoping that next time more people will join us."

The recent climate change protests were initially inspired by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who began striking every Friday outside her Swedish parliament.

And since January, more than 60,000 students around the world have taken part in organised protests.

The next strike will take place outside the Town Hall on April 19.

For more information visit the Climate Strike Blackburn Facebook page.