HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) having been rescuing horses, ponies and donkeys from cruelty and neglect for over 80 years.

This year we need YOUR help more than ever.

The Charity is funded through public and private donations and receives no state or lottery funds. Having seen a 250% rise in the number of horses admitted to its Centre in Burnley this has placed a strain on HAPPA’s resources and as a result we have seen a big rise in associated costs. Our veterinary bills have more than doubled as we continue on our mission to provide the best of care to those who have needed us the most.

We will continue to investigate cruelty and neglect, we will continue to provide a Second Chance to the mistreated, abused and abandoned, but only with your help.

Every £1 matters to horses like HAPPA Espero and friends who recently came into the Centre in desperate need of veterinary treatments.

Pledge your support at www.happa.org.uk/donate or www.facebook.com/HorsesPoniesProtectionAssociation or call 01282 455992.