A PUB which was brought back to life less than two years ago has suddenly shut its doors.

The Blackamoor Inn, which has been part of Blackburn for more than 300 years has now been boarded up and ceased trading.

The pub had shut in the summer of 2016 and an action group, backed by Blackburn's MP, Kate Hollern, was formed to fight the closure.

However a previous owner of Uncle Jack's in Ewood, Donna Almond, took the pub on.

Regulars at the pub picked up paint brushes and sanders in a bid to complete a full refurbishment of the Roman Road pub before its grand reopening in April 2017.

Stephen Dart, who lives on Roman Road, said he was sad to see the pub go.

He said: "I spent many a great time in the Blackamoor and I thought things were looking up when it was brought back to life.

"The landlady, Donna, did a great job with the pub and I liked the way it was run.

"The pub will be a big loss to the area."

Janine Walters, who lives on nearby Wisteria Drive, said: "I didn't go to the pub on a regular occasion but I knew a lot of people who did.

"It's another thing that has gone from the town, where does it end?

"Are pubs falling by the wayside because of cheaper supermarket drinks?

"It's a real shame."

A gin bar was installed into the Thwaites-owned pub and the games room was overhauled during the refurb.

Residents had considered registering the Blackamoor Inn, which had traded since the 1700s, as an 'asset of community value'.

Responding to a public Facebook post about the closure, Mrs Almond said; "I could not continue any longer, I tried my hardest to keep going.

"I put my heart and soul into it.

"We never recovered from the hot summer we had, we had no beer garden.

"We stuck it out but the trade never returned.

"Thwaites have been extremely supportive but I had no choice to close.

"It's so sad, such a lovely pub. I will miss it and the lovely people who did support it."

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Andrew Buchanan, director of pubs and brewing at Thwaites, said: "We are in the process of selling the Blackamoor Inn and have had plenty of interest so we hope to find a buyer shortly.

"Thwaites has several other pubs in the area, so people can still enjoy our award winning beer."