A MAN who incurred debts to pay for his dad's funeral went on a shoplifting spree in an attempt to pay off his creditors.

Blackburn magistrates heard that in a 10-day period Jonny Riley went into TK Maxx on seven occasions and stole fragrances with a total value of £960. He also stole from Boots, Morrisons and Eyecare opticians taking the total haul up to £1,185.

And the court was told on one occasion, when he was challenged by a security guard, he threw a bottle of gin at him as he tried to escape.

Riley, 30, of Great Bolton Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of theft and one of assaulting Jason East.

He was jailed for 20 weeks after the court heard he was already subject to two community orders and a conditional discharge also imposed for theft offences.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mr East worked at Morrisons and saw Riley conceal two bottles of gin up the sleeves of his jacket before attempting to leave the store.

"When he was challenged he struck out at Mr East because of his state of intoxication," said Miss Allan.

"He then threw a bottle of gin at him, which fortunately missed before smashing on the floor."

Ian Huggan, defending, said his client's life had been difficult, starting with a problem birth which had resulted in him being deaf in his right ear, blind in his left eye and suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

His mother suffered post-natal depression and subsequently left him to be raised by his father.

"His father died of lung cancer last March and that was extremely traumatic for him," said Mr Huggan.

He said Riley had organised his father's funeral and had to borrow money to pay for the expenses.

"He has not been able to repay it and has been placed under severe pressure to do just that," said Mr Huggan. "There have been threats and that is what has given rise to this spree."