COUNCIL bosses are exploring options for a new household waste recycling centre in Blackburn.

Head of environment Tony Watson said the current site in George Street West was inefficient and often people faced long queues to recycle.

And Mr Watson added alternative sites for a new split level facility where residents can easily recycle without delays are being looked at.

He told members of the council’s place overview and scrutiny committee: “Our household waste recycling centres are not user-friendly.

“George Street West is being looked at and we are looking at alternative sites to see how we can scale up for a two-tier site so our residents can just go in and dump their rubbish in the right bay for recycling.

“We are trying to develop the service and identify alternative sites for the future.”

Stuart Hammond, the council’s waste and recycling manager, added: “We have done a lot of background work so we know what it needs to look like.”

Mr Hammond said a new centre could take inspiration from Blackpool, where the council brings in about £100,000 per year by selling goods brought in for recycling at a shop based at its tip.

The Blackpool shop sells a range of discounted household items, including furniture, refurbished washing machines, small electrical goods, DVDs, books and toys.

Cllr Salim Sidat said people had reported waits of as long as 45 minutes to get in and unload recycling at George Street West and it was discouraging people from recycling.

Last year, the borough’s main tip underwent a major overhaul including installation of CCTV cameras to catch people coming in from outside areas to dump building and trade waste for free.

The George Street West recycling centre also got a new compactor and had its layout changed to speed users and their vehicles through the site.

Blackburn with Darwen environment boss Cllr Jim Smith said the change would reduce traffic bottlenecks which have lead to complaints from neighbours.

A key element of the overhaul, agreed with operator SITA as part of the deal to extend its contract by another five years, was the ANPR cameras which will identify vehicles from outside the borough seeking to use the centre.