DEVOTED couple Les and Agnes Wood are one in a million.

That’s the statistic for those who reach their 70th wedding anniversary, which the Woods celebrate today.

The couple first met at a dance in Padiham Town Hall.

“It was love at first sight for me,” says Agnes, 90. “I made the first move and caught his eye, then we danced to The Last Waltz.”

They married at Read Congregational Church and began their new life together at a house in Padiham. In later life they lived in Swinton before moving to Bolton.

“Money was never a problem because we didn’t have any for a long time,” says Agnes.

In the early years of their marriage she worked at a clothing factory in Burnley before becoming a full-time mum.

Their first lot of children, John 67, Christopher 64, Stephen 63, were later joined by Christine 51 and Gordon 49.

“We hadn’t intended to have any more, but it just happened,” says Agnes.

Les, 91, worked as a HGV driver which meant he was often away overnight.

“It didn’t matter though because every time I returned home it was like a honeymoon,” he laughs.

The couple were keen caravanners and enjoyed touring the British Isles. Despite their great age, the couple, who now live in Over Hulton, Bolton, are still totally independent and live in their own home which is adorned with photographs of their five children, 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Their romance is still going strong and they regularly enjoy lunches out.

“To have a long and happy marriage you have to bear and forebear and have a sense of humour,” says Agnes.

Les agrees, and adds that sharing is important too.

“It’s never been ‘her’ money and ‘my’ money, it’s always been ‘ours’. We don’t have ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.”

Unusually for such a long marriage, they cannot remember ever falling out with each other.

“We’re too sane to have had any sort of crisis in our marriage and we’ve never got to the stage where we’ve thrown things at each other,” laughs Agnes.

“We’ve had a really nice life together. We’ve lived it quietly and we’ve enjoyed what we’ve done.”