KNUZDEN is a forgotten village – that's according to one ward councillor who says the district is not getting a fair deal on the roads.

Glen Harrison, who represents the St Oswalds ward, fears a child could be mown down by one of the many cars he says are speeding through the village along Mount St James close to St Oswald's Primary School.

The councillor says drivers are using the road as a cut through between Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle or Accrington.

He said: “There are speed limits are in place but they are seldom adhered to.

“I have been involved with Stanhill Community Association and they have benefitted from the introduction of digital display signs which show how fast you are going.

"But down the road in Knuzden, there has been no intervention. It feels like Knuzden has been forgotten."

Cllr Harrison has contacted Lancashire County Council about the issue.

Highways chiefs also painted double-yellow lines on St Oswalds Road to prevent drivers parking on street corners. But this has led to cars parking on Mount St James, he says.

He added: “Visibility on the road is low especially at peak times such as school pick-up or drop-off as there are so many cars.

“I know there is a lollipop person on this road but I would still worry about people crossing the road as they are going downhill and will not reduce their speed.

“There needs to be some enforcement whether that is through speed camera vans or something else to stop them speeding.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “Our speed management group will consider the concerns about the speed of vehicles on Mount St James.

"We will look at the casualty record, speed of vehicles and other factors to determine what action, if any, we can take."