SPORTS nutrition specialist SiS have launched a new football range developed with Manchester United experts.

Burnley-based Science in Sport are nutrition partners with the Red Devils, Celtic, Rangers and Aston Villa, among others.

And they have used this knowhow to bring three new products to the market for spring 2019.

A ‘Pre-90’ energy loader has been teamed up with a ‘Surge’ pre-match gel and a ‘Surge Zero’ pre-training shot, to make the difference between relegation battlers and title contenders.

Stephen Moon, SiS chief executive, said: “We’ve already helped thousands of professional players feel the impact that nutrition can have on their performance.

“Now our innovative football range will help amateur football players up and down the country appreciate the difference that nutrition can make.”

Mark Ellison, consultant nutrionist at Man United, added: “We cannot overstate the impact which good nutrition has on performance.

“The access to expertise and the right products our team has with SiS has helped to make a subject that can confuse anyone second nature for our players, and it’s important players of all levels receive that support.”

More than 85 clubs are now said to use SiS energy, hydration, rebuilding and recovery products.