NELSON East county councillor Azhar Ali has accused the Conservative administration at Lancashire County Council of 'letting down' Pendle residents on road repairs.

He said allocating just £442,000 to the borough was inadequate to tackle potholes and poor highway surfaces.

Labour group leader Cllr Ali said: "The Conservatives despite all their promises have let down the residents across Pendle with allocating just 2.6 per cent of the highways budget of £17 million.

"This includes much needed repairs to five roads but no monies to tackle major road repairs in Colne or Nelson .

"There are many streets across Pendle where the setts and cobbles have come through but the county council will not repair the tarmac or resurface the areas as it doesn’t meet the intervention levels.

" I asked for a fund to help repairs such areas as a matter of urgency but once again the ruling administration have refused”

"Some of our streets are already resembling a patchwork quilt and others are going to have no tarmac left at all whilst the Conservative leadership fund pet projects."

Cllr Keith Iddon, county highways boss, said: "We strictly follow the transport asses management plan which was followed by the previous Labour administration and has worked well since its introduction in 2014.

"This has been audited by the Department of Transport which as a result has give the county council millions of pounds of extra cash for road repairs."