THERE’S pancakes, and then there’s mint custard chocolate brownie pancakes...

This mouth-watering creation was made at Melt Dessert Bar in Blackburn to celebrate Pancake Day.

Invented by Yusuf Lambat, and his wife Fatima, the delicious tower is made up of four chocolate flavoured pancakes which are covered in molten chocolate.

Brownies are then placed on top of each pancake layer before a special mint custard is poured over the top.

The dessert experts are now looking for people to get creative today on Shrove Tuesday and come up with a winning pancake recipe.

Mr Lambat, 40, who has run the business in Plane Street for five years, said pancakes are great and easy to make.

He said: “They give you a chance to be really creative with flavours and toppings.

“You could do an apple pie pancake, a cherry Bakewell pancake, the possibilities are endless.

“My wife and I love baking and exploring different ideas.

“We have lots of passion and that’s key to making great food.”

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Pancake Day is the traditional Christian feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

The 40 days leading up to Easter were traditionally a time for fasting.

Shrove Tuesday was the last chance to use up eggs and other perishables before starting the fast and as a result the pancake was born.

Pancakes are traditionally served with honey, syrup, lemon juice and caster sugar.

Mr Lambat, from Blackburn, said he wants his customers to get creative and design their own pancakes and post pictures of them on his social media pages.

Mr Lambat will pick a winner and they will receive a ‘free treat’. He said: “I want people to enjoy making pancakes today and see what they can come up with.”

For competition details search ‘Melt Dessert Bar’ on Facebook.