STARS from hit television show Most Haunted will be channelling a different type of spirit when they head to Accrington soon.

Yvette Fielding and the crew from the paranormal reality television series were spotted around the town’s former police station and courts last week as they prepare for their paranormal event.

And Grant’s Bar Brewhouse and Pizzeria on Manchester Road has signed a deal for its function room to be used as a filming base for the show’s production team.

Owner Justin Grant said: “We were called about a month ago by Most Haunted telling us they wanted somewhere as a base and heard we had a room.

“They are coming back in a couple of weeks. Their tour starts in April and one of the venues is Accrington.

“The police station and courts will be an interesting place with all the criminal activities there and it will have an eerie feel in the dark.”

During the Most Haunted Experience, they hold ghost hunts at hundreds of locations across the UK and Accrington is one of them.

Organisers say they look for evidence of paranormal activity - just like the TV series. 

Mr Grant continued: “There has been quite a lot of interest and a few people had been asking questions about what Yvette Fielding and the other people from the show were doing here. She was really nice.

“It is nice to be associated with this kind of thing.

“I have never watched the show but have been recently to see what they do.

“So I was not as starstruck as some people as I recognised Yvette from when I used to watch her on Blue Peter and they were nice.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Yvette Fielding, on Most Haunted

“We went around the court room and it was good.

“They have filmed before in Burnley so it is good that they are filming here.

“I hope it will be good for Accrington as it needs a little bit of attention and it will be brilliant to get a bit of exposure.”

Mr Grant is staying tight-lipped about when the event will be heading to Accrington.

He said: “It is great they are coming here. It is in the perfect location as it is only across the road from where they are going to be taking people out.”

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