BURNLEY-born broadcaster Tony Livesey lobs a black pudding at the Punch Bowl in Earby.

He was there on Thursday to present a special BBC Radio Five Live Drive programme on Brexit called Divided We Stand.

The town was chosen because, in 1974, it was moved overnight from Yorkshire to Lancashire in a local government shake-up.

Mr Livesey explored how Earby people felt about both this change and the prospect of leaving the European Union with guests including local residents, pub regulars, Miranda Barker from the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and David Whipp, Pendle Rural county councillor.

A highlight of the three-hour broadcast was a black pudding lobbing contest where the famous Lancashire delicacy was thrown at a pile of Yorkshire puddings.

Organiser Jim Cunliffe (left, from the annual world pudding lobbing championships) and Punch Bowl chef Danika Cowgill (centre) also took part along with Lancashire Telegraph political correspondent Bill Jacobs.

All four contestants missed but Miss Cowgill was closest to a direct hit skimming the pile of Yorkshire puddings.