PROPOSALS to build new homes on a former mill site currently used as a car scrapyard are back on the table.

A scheme to redevelop the old Alliance Mill site in Alliance Street, Baxenden, had looked dead in the water.

But now a new application has been lodged to build 15 homes on the site.

Permission was originally granted for 12 houses on the site in 2013 but developers backtracked and said it was not financially viable.

In 2015, they then submitted alternative proposals for 25 homes and 22 homes respectively but were knocked back by planning bosses, who said the site could not sustain that many homes.

Fears were also raised about potential flooding risk at the site, as well as undersized gardens and poorly designed street scenes.

There were also concerns over parking and the mix of housing included in previous plans.

Developers claim the latest scheme has addressed the issues raised in 2015.

The latest scheme proposes eight three-bedroom townhouses, six three-bedroom semi-detached homes and one detached four-bedroom home.

But no affordable housing is proposed to be included according to the latest plans, with developers instead suggesting making a section 106 contribution to the council.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the application states: "The current application is in outline with only landscaping reserved for future approval.

"The application is for 15 dwellings which means that the layout is less car parking dominated.

"In addition the housing mix has been amended following comments from the local planning authority.

"Larger detached and semi-detached houses have been included while the number of terraced townhouses has been reduced."

In order to mitigate the flood risk on site, developers say passive flood protection such as flood doors and windows should be installed within all properties.

And potential residents should be advised to sign up to receive flood warnings via the free Flood Warnings Direct Service which is operated by the Environment Agency.

They should also be advised to prepare a personal flood plan, to assist with making preparations if a flood warning is issued.