A 37-YEAR-OLD woman with a history of substance addiction died after taking an overdose of drugs including methadone and heroin.

An inquest in Burnley heard how Shelley Conway had been found dead on a sofa in the home of her ex-partner, James Brennan, on the morning of July 26.

Coroner Richard Taylor said: “A toxicology report found there to be a substantial amount of methadone in her system, at levels that would be consistent with a chronic drug user.

“There was also diazepam (valium), (anti-depressant) mirtazapine and heroin present.”

In a statement from Mr Brennan, which was read out by Mr Taylor, he explained how on the evening of July 25, Miss Conway had gone round to Mr Brennan’s house in Springfield Bank, Burnley, to return some of his belongings.

Mr Brennan said that Miss Conway asked him if she could stay over and he mentioned how he thought she had been drinking as she seemed tipsy and kept falling asleep.

The inquest was told Miss Conway and Mr Brennan both had a history of addiction but had been trying to give up drugs. They had first met in 2016 while attending rehabilitation groups with Inspire.

They soon became a couple but separated about two of months before Miss Conway’s death, although they remained friends.

Mr Brennan said he had been abstinent from drugs for some time and thought this the case for Miss Conway too.

He said: “She came round just after teatime and asked to stay over. It was about 10pm when we both went to bed.

“When I woke at about 7am Shelley wasn’t there. I went into the front room and found her on the settee. I realised she must’ve lapsed as I could see drugs on the floor.

“I phoned an ambulance and the police and tried to do what I could to help her.”

Giving evidence, Detective Sergeant John McNamara said that when the police arrived on that morning, there was evidence to suggest Miss Conway had been using drugs.

He said: “We found an empty bottle of methadone in her handbag and there was a tray of blue pills also present.”

Summing up the inquest, Mr Taylor returned a drug related death conclusion. He said: “Miss Conway died on July 26 in a property on Springfield Bank, having ingested an excess of drugs.”