A MAN who assaulted his ex-partner after a 'reconciliation' night out smashed her phone and told her no one was going to save her.

Blackburn magistrates heard when Damon Patterson threatened to rape his former girlfriend she said she would rather die than let that happen.

Patterson, 39, of Colne Road, Earby, pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage to a phone.

He was remanded on bail until March 6 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said on February 20 the aggrieved had agreed to go out bowling with Patterson.

"He said he had changed his ways and no longer drank alcohol," said Miss Allan.

"During the night it became clear he was sneaking off to consume alcohol during the evening. Later in the evening she said he couldn't keep his promise about not drinking and he became angry."

Miss Allan said Patterson slapped the victim across the face and when she got her phone out threw it on the floor and stamped on it.

He hit her and when she ran off he chased after her, got hold of her by the throat and head butted her three times.

"He pulled at her clothing and said he was going to rape her and she said she would rather die than let that happen," said Miss Allan.

"Eventually she managed to run out of the house barefoot and raise the alarm," said Miss Allan.

"He accepted the assault but told police he had not threatened to rape her."

Mark Williams, defending, said his client did not accept pulling at the victim's clothing or threatening to rape her.

"He accepted the slap, head butts and strangling when he was interviewed by the police," said Mr Williams.