A LARGE group of teenagers 'abused' McDonald's staff and started fighting outside the American fast food restaurant.

Police were called to McDonald's Rawtenstall on three occasions between 7.30pm and 9.15pm on Friday.

Around 40 youngsters were seen fighting each other outside the Haslingden Road restaurant and officers said McDonald's staff had been abused by the teenagers.

PSCO Chris Hamer tweeted a video of the mess the group had left behind and in a message to parents said: "It's best to start intervening before they come home in a police van."

Inspector Chris Valentine said no one was arrested but they would step up patrols in the area this weekend. He added: "I know it's half term but parents need to take some responsibility."

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A group of around 40 youngsters were seen being a 'nuisance' to staff at the Haslingden Road McDonald's by a PCSO at around 7.30pm. Two neighbourhood police officers were called for and the group was moved on, a police spokesman said.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police were called again at around 8.15pm after a member of the public saw a large group of youngsters, aged between 10 and 18, fighting outside the same McDonald's. Officers arrived on the scene and the group of youngsters ran off, a police spokesman said.

A member of staff at McDonald’s then called the police at around 9.10pm after a group of 20 teenagers starting throwing objects at the window, officers said.

Staff prevented the children from getting inside and when police arrived the group ran away again, the police spokesman added.

Police said this is the second time in recent weeks that youngsters have caused trouble outside a McDonald's restaurant in East Lancashire.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Earlier this month a group of about 20 youngsters were causing a 'nuisance' outside Colne McDonald's and police had to step up patrols in the area, Mr Valentine said.

A spokesman for McDonald's said: “We are aware of some antisocial behaviour that took place outside our restaurant on Friday night.

”It is important for McDonald’s to be good neighbours in the communities we serve and a members of McDonald’s crew and management helped clean up the mess that was created. 

“We are working with the police to ensure that our restaurant remains a welcoming environment for our people and our customers and we hope that these issues will not occur again.”