ORGANISERS at a creative arts group are calling for the public's help to complete a world record bid.

Gayle Knight from Oswaldtwistle Civic Centre and Theatre is running mannequin challenges in Accrington on the town square on Saturday afternoon at 1pm and 2pm and they need as many people to turn up.

A mannequin challenge is when everyone stands very still, frozen in a position and are then filmed.

She said: "We know the world is 5,000 people and we may not be able to reach it but we want as many people to turn up as possible.

"We just want to try something different and unique and it is going to capture people's imagination.

"We are not trying to re-invent the wheel for people to have some fun and join in and feel part of the community and celebrate what is going on in town."

It will kick off their programme of Town Square events by the creative arts organisation and outdoor events organisers.

They include a charity and community fair on March 16, a culture and heritage festival on April 6.

Gayle said: "There are lots of new things happening in the town square and we want to get people down and encourage them to stay and shop.

"Even though it is happening on a cold day in February we want as many people to come and have some fun."

People involved only need to freeze on the sound of a whistle then unfreeze on the second whistle at 1pm and there will be another attempt at 2pm.