A JUDGE has ordered an East Lancashire man to stay away from his former partner for the next five years after he repeatedly threatened to throw acid in her face.

Not only did Jesse Rivers, 23, target his victim at her Blackburn home but he chased her into the town's college, hurling the same abuse, Preston Crown Court was told.

Rivers, of Hermitage Street, Rishton, had already served a five-month prison sentence for assaulting the woman and was subject to a two-year restraining order, the court heard.

Recorder Tom Gilbart has now jailed him for 18 months - and extended the restraining order to five years.

He had pleaded guilty to two offences of breaching a restraining order and unlawful wounding.

Priya Patel, prosecuting, said her ordeal began when she started to receive phone calls to her mobile from unrecognised numbers in September last year.

But it was Rivers calling, on a number of occasions, and he threatened to throw acid in her face and told her she was going to be stabbed.

Shortly afterwards she was in Blackburn town centre, waiting for a taxi, when she noticed her ex-partner nearby, added Miss Patel.

He came running towards her, making similar threats, the court heard, as she climbed into a cab and screamed for the driver to leave.

The next day, said Miss Patel, the victim was returning to the town centre when she heard the defendant shouting at her.

She ran into one of the Blackburn College buildings and outlined what was happening to one of the receptionists, who ushered her away. College security was eventually called before Rivers would leave.

Miss Patel said before the trouble with his partner, he had also been responsible for an attack on a man at a New Year's Eve 2017 party, which left a man with a jaw broken in two places.

Liam Cliffe told police he had been at a party when he went out for a smoke, the court heard, with Rivers and an unknown girl.

Rivers, who had become aggressive towards the girl, causing Mr Cliffe to intervene, was not allowed back into the house.

Around 1.30am, on January 1, the court heard, there was a knock at the door and Mr Cliffe answered.

Miss Patel said he saw the defendant, who punched him in the jaw.