A MAN injured himself as he fled a house fire.

A fire service spokesman said plastic fences had caught fire and the flames spread to a house in Formby Close, Blackburn, at 7pm on Sunday.

The house, made up of two flats, was badly burnt and its windows have been boarded up.

Scorch marks could be seen across the building, with almost all of the garden fence panels being destroyed.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A man in one of the flats hurt his knee as he got himself out and a motorcycle outside the building was damaged beyond repair.

A police spokesman said teenagers were seen running away from the area shortly after the fire was started.

Residents left their homes as they feared the flames would spread over to their houses. However the fire was contained to the one building.

An eyewitness said one man was taken to hospital after he managed to get out of the top flat. One Formby Close resident said: “The flames were huge.

“We stood outside and we were worried the fire would spread over to our house.

“A few other people were stood outside too.

“The fire service came pretty quickly and managed to get the fire under control, we were really worried.

“The man in the top flat managed to get out, but he twisted his knee and was taken to hospital.

“I don’t think anyone was in the bottom flat.

“I don’t think he’s been back to the house yet, his bike was destroyed by the fire.”

Another Formby Close resident said: “I’ve never seen a fire so big.

“The house looks uninhabitable now, it’s going to cost a lot of money to refurbish.

“The poor man has lost his home, it must be an awful feeling.”

Crews from Blackburn and Darwen fire stations were called to the blaze.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The fire service battled with the flames until around 1am.

Electricity North West was called to the scene to cut the power supply off.

A police spokesman said: “Officers were called to Formby Close, Blackburn, at 7pm on Sunday. Teenagers were seen running away from the area.

“It is something we have been made aware of and we are working with the fire service.

“We don’t believe the fire was suspicious.

Lancashire Telegraph:

 “No arrests have been made.”

A fire service spokesman spokesman said: “The cause of the fire is under investigation.

“One person was treated at the scene by paramedics.”