A TEENAGER who became involved in a lovers’ tiff ended up kicking his friend in the face.

Brodie Strudwick said he was ‘acting as peacemaker’ between two of his friends when the incident occurred, but rather than helping things remain calm, the 19-year-old kicked his friend in the face, leaving him with a fractured jaw.

Strudwick, of St James Square, Bacup, disappeared after the incident while his now former friend, Matthew Anforth, was rushed to hospital.

Prosecuting, Tracey Yates said that Strudwick had invited Mr Anforth’s girlfriend, Amelia, over to his house so the pair could wait for him Mr Anforth to arrive after work. The friends had planned a gathering and more people arrived at the home.

When Mr Anforth arrived at Strudwick’s house, emotions were said to be running high and everybody was asked to leave.

A short while later Strudwick saw the couple on a bench together outside his house.

Mrs Yates said: “Matthew and Amelia were becoming emotional, talking about their relationship.

“Mr Strudwick and and a fourth friend went outside, and approached the pair. Some kind of remark was made by Mr Strudwick about how Mr Anforth had told him he could sleep with his girlfriend Amelia.”

A scuffle ensued and Strudwick kicked Mr Anforth in the face, breaking his jaw.

Mrs Yates said: “Amelia describes Mr Anforth as being unconscious. An ambulance was called and he started to foam at the mouth.”

Defending Strudwick, Leah Morgan said emotions were running high within the group of youngsters.

She said: “Mr Anforth did not require an operation, but he did receive a fractured jaw.

“In my client we have a young man who has no previous convictions or cautions. He accepts his culpabilities.

“There were a number of youngsters around. Mr Strudwick had gone outside to see what was going on as Amelia had told him she wanted to break-up with Matthew. He was there as a peacemaker and what happened was in the heat of the moment.

“The young man is expected to make a full recovery.”

Strudwick pleaded guilty to one count of actual bodily harm and magistrates in Burnley adjourned the case for sentencing at Blackburn magistrates on March 20.