KARL Oyston, the East Lancashire-based former chairman of Blackpool FC, has an outstanding wages claim against the club.

Mr Oyston, who lives in Newton-by-Bowland, has lodged an employment tribunal case against Blackpool Football Club Ltd.

The matter has been set down for a two-day hearing before an employment judge in Manchester, next Wednesday and Thursday.

The case is just one of the latest twists in the long-running saga over the ownership of The Seasiders.

Earlier this week Blackpool was placed into receivership, so the club can be sold off.

Karl and his father Owen, the club’s owners, are said to owe £22million to former director Valeri Belokon following a 2017 court judgement.

The Oystons were found to have ‘stripped’ Blackpool FC of £26.77m, in wages and other payments, in the wake of the club’s 2010-11 Premier League season.

Protesting club supporters brought the tiny village of Newton to a standstill in 2015 when they descended on the Parker Arms.

The pub was temporarily closed, due to the demand, and police were called to prevent any disorder.

An employment tribunal service spokesman said the case was still listed.