A MAN who refused to take a blood test to prove he hadn't been drink-driving said it was because he was was 'scared of needles'.

Burnley Magistrates Court heard that Haroon Ali refused to give a specimen as he was too scared of medical treatments - a fear which stemmed from a hospital procedure gone wrong a number of years ago.

John Rusius, defending, said: "A number of years ago my client was having a hospital procedure for a hernia when he woke up half way through the procedure.

"This was a scary experience for him and he has been unable to face any medical procedures since.

"In fact, he currently requires an operation for a second hernia, but he just can't face going through it again."

When he was pulled over on October 31, the court heard he told officers that he was scared of what might happen if he were to give them sample.

Prosecuting, Tracy Yates, said: "The procedure was explained to him when he was pulled over and he declined - he told them of his fear."

Ali, of Every Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to refusing to provide a specimen for analysis.

He had previously denied the allegation.

He was fined £1940 in charges and costs in total. He was also disqualified from driving for a year.