A COUNCILLOR has quit her post because of ‘harassment and intimidation ‘by a resident of her ward.

Christine White, 73, was elected to Burnley Council in May 2016 for a four year term..

She resigned as councillor for Burnley Wood and Rosehill last week.

Mrs White, a former fabric inspector for Liberty’s of London and mental health workers, said: “I am very sad to have to stand down.

“I resigned because of harassment and intimidation from a resident..

“It has been extremely traumatic. I have never known anything like it.

“I have also been unwell which was contributory cause.

“I loved being a councillor and I have had so many messages of support and thanks from local people.

“Burnley Council, my council colleagues and the police have been very supportive but there seems nothing I could do to stop the abuse.”

Fellow Burnley and Padiham Independent Party councillor and borough Mayor Cllr Charlie Briggs said: “It’s shocking and very sad.

“A councillor should not have to put with this this sort of abuse and harassment and I just hope the individual responsible can get a life.

“I adore Christine,

“She was a fantastic councillor - very hard-working and did lot for her ward residents.

"She will be sadly missed."

Mrs White was originally elected as a Liberal democrat and later joined the breakaway Burnley and Padiham Independent Party.

Her resignation will cause a by-election, wither in April or if all parties agree when the normal local elections take place on May 2.