WATCHING Blackburn Rovers has been a hair-raising experience for a season-ticket holder after agreeing to shave his head for a bet.

Jack Allan, 17, of Bury Road in Haslingden, told his friends he would put the razor to his long locks if Rovers star Amari’i Bell scored this season.

Despite a number of chances, Jack has been watching Rovers and praying the 24-year-old would not break his duck.

The Accrington and Rossendale College student said: “I saw Derrick Williams was back playing on Saturday (against Bristol City) so I thought he would get a run in the team and I would keep my hair.

“Amari’i had a chance against Newcastle when he sliced a shot, then he had a shot in the first half against Reading and scored in the second half.

“I was hoping it would go down as an own goal by Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper, but then it was given to Amari’i.”

The goal and Jack’s impending head shave were the talk of his friends who were keen to make sure the teenager kept his end of the bargain.

He said: “They all thought I had forgotten about it but I got my sister to shave it on Thursday night. One of my friends at the game Facetimed me to make sure I kept to the bet.

“It has just blown up with everyone talking about it.”

Jack tweeted the Rovers full-back with a message saying: “I have had such a great head of hair for a while now. It’s been a shock to all so thanks Amari’i.”

He said: “I just tweeted him as I thought it would have been nice to get a retweet and would like to meet him to tell him.”

Jack, who has been going to matches since he was 11 and sells programmes at the ground, says Wednesday’s Championship match against Reading was not a good night to be a Rovers fan.

He said: “It was even worse after Amari’i scored as Reading went on to win. I thought we would have won after he scored.”

The teenager has plans to grow his hair long again and will ‘shave that off if Ryan Nyambe scored.’