RUBBISH that has plagued a beauty spot for months has become worse than ever, a resident said.

Tyres, burned-out beds, bricks and household waste has been dumped across land near the former Rishton Paper Mill, off Hermitage Street in Rishton.

As well as rubbish, there is evidence of fires being started on the site, and rubbish bins were spotted in the stream nearby.

Guy Howard, who lives on the street, blasted the fly-tippers who have used this site, known as The Fishing Lodge, as a dumping ground for years.

He said: “There was rubbish there in September and more has been added since, it’s not been cleaned up.

“It’s disappointing, I spoke to the council who pledged to address the issue but it has been forgotten about.

“It’s heartbreaking because it’s a beauty spot and it should not be abused in this way.”

The former paper mill, which backs onto the water, has had problems with arson and littering for many years.

Janice Wheeton, who walks her dog by the water, said: “You worry about where your dog is going when there’s so much stuff about. I hope the council can get this cleared soon, otherwise it is a beautiful place.”

It is not known who owns the land.

A Hyndburn Council spokesman said: “As the rubbish is on private land it’s the landowner's responsibility to remove it and so our enforcement team will follow this up with the landowner.”