THEY are the duo who stunned millions of TV viewers when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Now DNA are heading to Darwen with their show which takes the whole concept of mind reading to a totally different level.

Andrew and Darren reached the final of the TV talent show in 2017.and their audition for the show has subsequently been watched over 10 million times on You Tube.

But it’s one thing doing a three minute slot on TV - creating a full show requires a whole different process.

Andrew said: “We have got lots of different performance pieces which demonstrate slightly different abilities. It all falls under the umbrella of mind reading.

“We are a mind reading and telepathy act but you can’t repeat the same effect 25 time to last two hours. That would definitely lose its charm.

“So we are very conscious that we designed something which will intrigue people and also keep them entertained.”

Darren added: “We hope people will come with an open mind. We want the audience to realise that what we do is unique. But also our shows are an immersive experience so we will be getting some people on stage but we will also be doing mind reading where they don’t even leave their seats.”

From revealing contacts in someone’s mobile phone to correctly identifying the serial number of a five pound note in someone’s wallet, Andrew and Darren call their ability The Gift.

“It’s our version of telepathy which is totally bespoke to us,” said Darren. “Nobody knows how it is done apart from me and Andrew.”

The duo have heard hundreds of different explanations as to how they pull of their mind boggling tricks.

“We use bionic eyes, it’s where we put our feet or the way we move our hands,” said Andrew. “Everyone likes to think they have worked out how it is done but no-one has ever come close.”

“To be honest,” said Darren, “if you did know the method that’s far more impressive than the trick itself. Thousands of hours have gone into developing what we do to get to the stage it is now.”

Andrew and Darren started to work together after becoming friends through work as magicians.

“People often mistake us for brothers,” said Darren. “Either that or they ask us if we are the bouncers?

“But we have consciously set out not to be like a typical magic or mind reading act.”

Certainly with their new show the pair are hoping to attract a genuine family audience.

“When we went on Britain’s Got Talent we were amazed at how many children loved what we did and we want the show to be one for everyone,” said Darren.

The pair have no regrets about going on to Britain’s Got Talent.

“It was probably one of best decisions we ever made,” said Darren.

“We did it because we wanted as many people as possible to see what we did. But that was only a glimpse of what we are capable of.”

DNA, Darwen Library Theatre, Friday, February 22. Details from 0844 847 1664 or www.darwenlibrary