CHILDREN and teenagers today will never know the joys of spending Saturday afternoons stocking up on pick n mix and cassette tapes at Woolies.

High street shop Woolworths ­— which opened its first UK store in 1909 ­— may seem like a distant memory but it is 10 years since several East Lancashire branches closed their doors.

The firm's 807 stores were shut in stages and there were queues at Woolworths in Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Nelson and Rawtenstall as shoppers looked to grab a bargain.

Long before the middle aisle at Aldi came along, Woolworths' shelves were weighed down by everything from school stationary to electrical items, bottles of perfume and even fishing tackle.

This picture shows what Greggs in Accrington looked like back in 2001

But the company became laden with debt and collapsed owing £385m and leaving 27,000 out of work across the country.

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