A WARNING has been issued by police after a doorstep con artist tried to convince an elderly man to part with £4,500 for drive repairs which had never been carried out.

Police say the victim, from the Rosegrove area of Burnley, was approached by a fraudster who knocked on his door and claimed he had laid a new drive.

He said that the householder owed him £4,500 - but that he was owed a £8,000 cheque for another job nearby.

A Burnley Police spokesman said the conman said that if the householder would go to the bank, and withdraw £3,500 to hand over to him, he would hand over that cheque.

But when the elderly man went to the bank, according to police, he informed bank staff what was happening and they prevented him from making the withdrawal.

Police say the conman has not been caught but their enquiries are continuing.

A police spokesman added: "Fraudsters who target people in this way are incredibly plausible and invariably seek out people who they know are vulnerable.

"We'd therefore ask you to keep an eye on older friends and relatives, or anyone who needs a bit of extra looking after, and remind them to be cautious and never to draw out money based on someone coming to their door."

Householders are being urged to always check for identification, from any such callers, and consider having a door chain fitted.