A FATHER who was suffering with depression took his life by jumping from a town centre flyover, an inquest has heard.

Lee Rainey, of Hughes Street, Burnley, fell from a ‘considerable height’ after he crossed the railings on Centenary Way in Burnley early in the morning on October 1.

The 45-year-old, who had a history of depression and was taking medication, had also taken cocaine in the run-up to his death.

Darren Carruthers had been cycling over the flyover at around 5.25am on the morning of Mr Rainey’s death, and recalls seeing a ‘stumbling figure’ walking along the road.

In a statement read out at the Burnley Magistrates Court inquest, he said: “I set off from my home to work at around 5.20am and by 5.25, I was passing onto the flyover.

“I saw a man in a dark tracksuit and he was stumbling around like he was drunk or had taken drugs.

“He crossed over the road as I cycled past, but I began to feel uneasy about him so I pulled over before I got to the roundabout and looked back at him,” the statement continued.

“I then saw him take a hold of the railings and hoist himself over.”

Mr Carruthers immediately went to where Mr Rainey had fell, but due to it still being dark, was unable to see anything below. He then called the police.

PC Craig Groom attended the scene and confirmed that investigators were able to rule out any foul play.

A examination was carried out on Mr Rainey’s body and pathologist Edward Luke recorded that he had died from multiple trauma as a result of the fall.

He was also able to confirm that alongside the Mirtazapine that was subscribed for Mr Rainey’s depression, there was cocaine in his system.

The inquest heard how the former fork-lift truck driver had been subscribed the anti-depressant in 2016 following a visit to his GP.

Records showed that despite being offered further treatment for his mood, Mr Rainey declined to engage in any form of therapy or counselling.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Coroner Richard Taylor said: “This was a man who was suffering from depression. He was medicated but was also taking cocaine.

“At 5.20am on October 1, he was walking over Centenary Way where a witness saw him jump.

“That is quite a considerable way to fall.”

Flowers and tributes were left along the flyover. A note from his children read: “Dad, life won’t be the same without you, we all love and miss you so much. Love from all of your boys.”