ONE of East Lancashire's vaping giants says the backing of official groups led to the launch of new lines.

Darwen-based Vampire Vape has unveiled a range of 10ml bottles in the wake of a Public Health England report supporting e-cigarettes.

Their findings, focusing on suggestions vaping was 95 per cent less harmful than smoking, were backed by the NHS, smokers rights group ASH, the Royal Society of Public Health and MPs.

Five new flavours, covering sweet, fruity and traditional flavours, will hit the shelves and the 10ml are directed at either beginner or intermediate level users. The new offerings will add to the 38 flavours currently on the market.

A spokesman said the bottles had been released for those who mixed their own liquid.

He added: "We have released these in a bid to give more choice to help e-cigarettes users from returning to traditional cigarettes."

Their last release was in 2015, with the Blood Sukka brand.

The outfit has been trading since 2012 but has been based at its current home, in Global Way, for three years.