A GARDEN tree crashed through a hedge as Storm Erik rumbled through East Lancashire.

Marie Perkins said she found her tree had fallen through her garden and onto the public path in Poole Street, Blackburn, this morning.

CCTV captured in her garden showed strong winds uprooted the tree and forced it through the hedge.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mrs Perkins, who has lived in the house for around 20 years, said she couldn't believe the winds were strong enough to pull the tree out.

She said: "We didn't hear it at the time but I looked out my window at around 7.30am and saw the tree had gone.

"It smashed through the hedge and its sticking out onto the street.

"We got the police involved and they cordoned the tree off, they were really good.

"The council came around midday and started chopping the tree down, there's so much wood."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Last night, Met Office chiefs issued a 'yellow' warning for strong winds until 3pm this afternoon.

Other parts of East Lancs were battered by the strong winds, a tree was uprooted in Chorley today and crashed into a bus stop.

Bacup Borough FC has appealed for help after its roof of its changing rooms was ripped off this morning.

Kay Perkins, Marie's daughter, praised the work of the police and the highway maintenance team for acting quickly.

Mrs Perkins said: "I'm pleased the tree went that way and did not land on the shed or hit the house.

"No one was injured either which is very good.

"I'm sad we've lost the tree, the tree was here when we moved in 20 years ago, it was a lot smaller then.

"It used to produce lots of little red berries the birds used to eat, it's a shame they won't be able to eat them anymore."

A Met Office spokesman said there will be strong winds moving from west to east through Saturday, bringing potential travel disruption.