A COMPLAINT has been lodged against a councillor after he liked a comment on a social media post which called an East Lancashire MP a ‘robbing b****’.

Cllr Alan Hosker, who represents Hapton with Park on Burnley Council, was issued with the complaint from the local authority which said he had allegedly breached the code of conduct by ‘endorsing misogynistic abuse’.

Cllr Hosker said he had sarcastically liked the comment, which related to a Facebook post regarding Burnley MP Julie Cooper’s expenses, because he believed the word had been spelt incorrectly.

The country’s only UKIP county councillor said he felt he had not done anything wrong as he put a disclaimer on his Facebook page saying the views of his account were his own, and not the council’s.

He said: “I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong.

“I liked the comment because I thought the person had spelled the word wrong and I found that funny.

“I didn’t post the comment and I didn’t say anything, I haven’t written anything down.

“I don’t feel the need to apologise to Julie because I haven’t done anything.”

In the letter of complaint, the council said an assessment would be made to see if Cllr Hosker failed to comply with the code of conduct.

In 2017, a complaint was lodged against Cllr Hosker for an offensive video posted to his Facebook page.

He said a post containing a video of police officers outside Turf Moor during Burnley FC’s friendly game against Hanover 96 was shared onto his public Facebook account to ‘protect the public’.

An official complaint was made to Burnley Council after the video allegedly contained swearing and racist language against German fans, and he apologised at a full council meeting.

Mrs Cooper said: “All who serve in public office, including councillors, agree to uphold the high standards of that office and conduct themselves accordingly.”