A 45-YEAR-OLD woman found dead on the floor of her house had taken several types of drug, an inquest heard.

Stephanie Boyle was discovered by a workman who had come to repair the front door at her home in Briercliffe Road, Burnley, on September 10.

Ms Boyle had a number of drugs in her system, including heroin, cocaine, painkiller codeine, tranquiliser diazepam and stimulant amphetamine.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates' Court heard Ms Boyle had spent the previous night on September 9 taking drugs with her friends Diane Harrison and Helen Bell.

The inquest heard from PC Stacey Gill, of Burnley Police Station, who was called to the house.

PC Gill said: "When I arrived, a repair man was present and the downstairs neighbour.

"Stephanie told him on Friday that the door had been kicked off but he couldn't repair it until Monday.

"So he went round to repair the door on Monday and he found Stephanie dead on the floor.

"The repair man had heard voices in Stephanie's bedroom and when he went in, he found Helen Bell and Diane Harrison in there, but they had gone by the time I arrived."

PC Gill told the hearing that she had discovered powder on the table in the house and needles were present.

She added: "I then saw Diane on New Year's Eve in Burnley town centre and she told me that she had been with Stephanie that night and they had taken drugs together.

"Diane had amphetamine and Stephanie wanted heroin.

"Diane later found Stephanie face down on the floor in the house and went to bed."

"It was only on the following day when the repair man discovered Stephanie that Diane knew she was dead."

The hearing heard the results of the toxicology test, which showed high levels of morphine, codeine and diazepam in Ms Boyle's system.

There was also evidence of the use of cocaine and amphetamine by Ms Boyle in the hours prior to death.

A medical cause of death was offered as drug toxicity from combining drugs together.

The hearing heard that Ms Boyle would have died shortly after taking heroin.

East Lancashire assistant coroner Richard Taylor, said Ms Boyle's death was drug-related.

Mr Taylor added: "Ms Boyle died having ingested an excess of drugs."