PUPILS had a magical time when their College celebrated Harry Potter.

Fearns Community Sports college in Stacksteads hosted the popular wizard theme event for the students. Wordsearches, quizzes, and competitions saw pupils at making wands and designing a sock for Dobby and some members of staff even donned costumes.

At lunchtime the library was transformed into the Great Hall from Hogwarts and pupils got the chance to enjoy a banquet under floating candles, presided over by librarian Kath Humphries, who was dressed as Professor McGonagall.

Kath said: “Harry Potter Night is an international event, but we make it Harry Potter Day so we can join in the celebrations.

“We are creating a little bit of Harry Potter magic in school.”

Emma East, 15, donned her Gryffindor scarf and took her wand along to the celebration.

She said: “I have read a few of the books and seen every film and I like them because they are magical.”

Autumn Derbyshire, 13, brought her own Hedwig owl and cage to the banquet. She said: “I would like to be able to cast spells and if I could I would say, ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and make objects fly.”