PLANS for 10 new homes on overgrown land in Padiham could be approved next week.

Burnley Council’s development control committee will meet to discuss the application for land at Grove Lane and High Street, where it is proposed to build two terraces of five homes.

The land was previously used by housing but has been open land for long time and is now overgrown.

The land has also in the past been used as allotments but this use was abandoned due to the difficulties of working with the gradient of the land. The proposed scheme involves two terraced blocks to be built on the less steep parts of the hillside.

The application to go before the committee has been recommended for approval despite three letters of objection being received.

Among the concerns raised were impact on road safety from extra traffic and parking, as well as inadequate access for emergency services and bin wagons.

Loss of green space, noise and loss of privacy were also mentioned in the objections.Senior planner Janet Filbin said: "The proposal would contribute to the supply of new housing within existing development boundaries at a sustainable location in the urban area of Padiham.

"The development is of an appropriate scale, massing and design to respect the existing distinctive street character and is adequately spaced to safeguard residential amenities.

"An education contribution is not being sought in this instance on viability grounds.

"The proposal would comply with the development plan and there are no material considerations which outweigh this finding."